5 Best Classroom Apps for Teachers

With these classroom apps, teachers can discover creative ways to incorporate the devices into teaching with educational & organizational apps. It’s no longer a secret that modern technology has revolutionized learning and teaching. Both students and teachers have apps installed on their Smartphones to make teaching and learning easier. Ideally, students are not the only ones that use apps and services like that have been availed by the modern technology. Teachers are also using apps that make teaching easier for them. They are also using apps that enable them to organize lessons and class work.

For teachers and students, there are more classroom-friendly news apps that can give students different perspectives on key current events.

Currently, there are many apps that teachers can use inside the classroom and while preparing lessons at home. Apps are among the best tools that teachers can use on their tablets and phones. These apps enable teachers to be more organized and to teach in easy and clear ways. If you are a teacher that is looking for the best apps that you can download, here are some of the best options to consider.


嘉博国际It’s no longer a secret that technology is helping teachers . This app is designed to make communication easier for teachers, students, and parents. It is a free app that shows the classroom experiences to parents by sharing and sending photos, videos, and announcements. It also enables teachers to message the parents of any student. This app is ideal for any study grade. It also enables students to create digital portfolios and even share images. Parents can see what their students are learning in the classroom using this app. What’s more, teachers can access teaching tools like timer, group maker, radio, directions, and pair share among others with this app.

Teacher’s Assistant Pro

This app is designed to enable teachers to track the actions, achievements, and behaviors of their students. It lets teachers to easily communicate with their students’ parents via a mobile device. For a teacher, tracking the behavior of a student with this app is as easy as getting an . That’s because this app collects the required data during a conference. Thus, the teacher gets all the information they need right from this app.

嘉博国际What’s more, the app allows you to add time and date, where something happened, class period, photos, teacher’s actions, detailed description, and whether the parent was informed. Student’s information can also be included. This includes the cell phone number of the parent and email address among others. Clearly, this is a great app for any teacher that wants to keep track of the behavior of the students.


This is a free app that enables students in a classroom to be informed via updating content and courses, taking tests and assignments from students, participation and grading courses. It also allows teachers to hold video chats with their students. Thus, it is also great for tutoring sessions.

Blackboard is a great app for online courses and it enables teachers to hold discussions that lead to the acquisition of inputs of students on lesson questions as well as stating announcements like assignment deadlines and test dates. Teachers can also give students their grades via this app. Students and teachers can use the app on their tablets or Smartphones. This app is also ideal for homework management.


嘉博国际This is a unique app that is easy to control and use. It is the most ideal visual learning app that enables teachers to create and use short instructional videos. Teachers can also share the videos that they create with their students painlessly and quickly. What’s more, a teacher can ask a student what they know and help other students learn.

嘉博国际This free app is amazing because it also gives instructions to students even while outside the classroom. It also enables them to control their learning pace while giving their teachers insights into the learning of students and tutoring. The app comes with other great features that include audio recordings, animated images, and handwriting/drawing, editing mistakes in recording, writing over the images, and saving drafts for use later among others. Basically, this app is like a complete classroom.

嘉博国际Being a teacher may have been rough in the past years. Teachers have a great responsibility of imparting knowledge in students. Unfortunately, they have not always had all the tools required to do their job successfully. Thankfully, these apps have made their job somehow easy. They have made both teaching and learning a little easier.


嘉博国际Studyo is the ultimate teacher and student app planner suitable for schools, colleges and home life. Studyo acts as a central hub for student tasks, assignments and exams based on your school’s specific calendar, schedule and courses. Many schools have adopted Studyo to prepare students for the demands of school life, replacing paper planners and other solutions, complementing school’s administrative and Learning Management systems.

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